Why this is an open polysurface?

I can’t figure out why my object is a open polysurface. How can I check the gaps and how can I fix them?
open_ps.3dm (231.1 KB)
Thank you!

Without having seen the model, have you tried the command ShowEdges, with the option Naked only?
This shows the gaps. Then you can see where you can use the JoinEdges command. But, usually it is recommended to model problematic parts again, instead of joining edges, because joining edges can give problems later in the modeling process. Unless joining edges is the last step, then it’s usually no problem.

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You have a pair of naked edges that are out of tolerance (0.027 units) - your file tolerance is 0.01. If you use Analyze > Edge tools > Show edges > Naked edges you will see them.

In this case you can explode the object, use MatchSrf and match the skinnier side surface to the broader front surface, using “Position”. Then join all up again.

0.01 file tolerance is a bit loose for this small an object, I would suggest modeling with 0.001 tolerance in the future.



I was not able to do anything… I tried re-exploding and rebuilding but it builds and joins the same. This drive me nuts. Can you please have a look and tweak it a bit? I’m new to rhino. Thank you!

Here you go. The way I did this: ShowEdges to show the problematic internal naked edges. Extract iso-curves from the problematic surface, trim their excess with the neighboring surface edge. Then delete the problematic surface. Then use Sweep2 (+rebuild with 8 CP) to recreate the surface. Lastly: Join into a closed polysurface. The curves I used are still in the document.

open_ps.3dm (252.9 KB)

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Thank you so much!