Removing plugins chore

Over time, I’ve accumulated a pile of plugins that I needed (or thought I needed) for something specific, or installed just out of curiosity.
Some have only a .gha file, some have .dll’s , some have a whole folder full of stuff, and in many cases, the names of the files give no clues as to which plugin they are a part of.
To make matters worse, there is now two folders in which plugins are stored : the usual “components folder” , easy to find with the “Special folders” list in the GH File tab, and the other one used by YAK, or whatever it’s called these days, and which I can never seem to remember where it is.

In short : managing plugins in GH is a complete and utter mess.

So for now, what procedure would you guys recommend for a big cleanup ?


I create my folders myself and put manually installed plugin in there.

Works 99% of the time, but for example Parakeet is programmed with absolute path and all files must be in root (picture example)

Plugins managed by “package manager” are also managed by it self.

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Hi Olivier -

Plug-ins that are installed with the Package Manager can be uninstalled from that same Package Manager UI. To have the files deleted, you will have to restart Rhino for plug-ins that are loaded when you uninstall them from that UI.

For plug-ins that are not installed by the Package Manager, there is no simple way to deal with these. You could move all files in the GH folders to a temporary folder and move back those that you know you will need. Then launch Rhino and Grasshopper and see if something that you need is missing. Far from ideal and we recommend to use the Package Manager to install plug-ins. I’m guessing Grasshopper 2 will deal with this in a different way…

OK, got it.
It’s exactly as bad as I thought.

Pancake has an addon viewer which may help you a little bit.

Are you kidding ? This is EXACTLY what I needed ! Thank you so much !!!

Though it’s not guaranteed to be able to reveal all files. So “a little bit”.

And things are a little bit more complicated. For instance in the image above, OpenNest uses Accord from LunchBox, while OpenNest has Accord itself, because LunchBox loads before OpenNest.

In my case, it’s weeding out all the critters all right. Thanks for this great tool.

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