Managing many clipping planes? Suggestions?

Im working on a model of a building with an intricate interior requiring many internal elevation views and various specific sections through cabinetry, etc. I have something like 15 clipping planes and it’s become a mess. Also Im having an issue where I create a new clipping plane for a specific section detail I want to generate and it changes another viewport I have. It’s just gotten out of hand and I need a specific methodology for managing many of them. Any suggestions? Do you put each clipping plane on a separate layer? (52.8 KB)
Hi Peter

I downloaded this plug in from food4rhino site. Don’t use it much myself, but you may want to have a look at it.

I have a feeling it was designed to answer to your specific question.


Maybe delete a heap of the clipping planes and create some named positions for the remaining ones…?


Your idea of named positions for clipping planes sounds very promising, thanks!