Clipping plane workflow

I’m looking for second opinion.
I always put clipping planes on a separate layer.
Anyone agree that switching the layer OFF would deactivate CPs?
It would be very handy for me but someone may have different experience.

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putting a CP on a layer does not allow you to turn the clipping feature off…it does allow you to hide the visibility of the plane itself.

I know and that is exactly my point.
As I wrote before: I would like that switching the layer OFF would deactivate CPs.

Hi Piotr - if you ask me, that would really suck.
I like to work in a view that is clipped without having to see the clipping plane. I have several clipping planes on the same layer that is always OFF and then activate the wanted clipping plane by calling a named view.

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I can understand and appreciate your workflow with simple models, not with the complex stuff that requires constant adjusting multiple clipping planes where you break relation with named views.

We work a lot with clippingplanes and I have to agree with both of you. The point is that clippingplanes needs a better and faster way of hiding AND turning ON/OFF.

I guess a new panel that shows all clippinplanes in the file and there let us turn them on and off for the active view would be great. Right now the workflow is only working for simple files with few clippingplanes IMO, and then it has evolved to include clipping of details too, without getting a UI improvemet. So this would be nice to rework for V8.

Also adding a PerpendicularClippingplane would be good. (I have a script for this that I use a lot)
We CAN use Clippingplane with Vertical, but adding the height is just useless extra input, and if you drag it down instead of up then you flip it… so two points is more than enough for that, so I wish for a separate command for this. (Personally I don’t need it because of my script, but it would make sense for other users. That way adding a clippingplane is like adding a section.)


+1 for me!!!
I totally agree.

Added to the wish list

I think it would be good idea to have a panel (similar to Named Positions) where I can save position and visibility of clipping planes - kind of saving states for multiple CPs.

You coul use Snapshots for this. Save only the state of the clipping planes

Oh,it really helps. Thanks for sharing.

would you mind sharing that script? i’m dealing with a lot of clipping planes and looking for things to make them easier/better to work with? ty

Yeah, I mind, but I’ll make an exception for you :wink:
PM on it’s way.

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I think clipping plane should be changed to clipping object, letting you use solids as well as surfaces…
and have it’s own manager, e.g. this one from ansys

also even more important than managing the clipping planes… we should be able to draw / snap on them easily

and, a nice feature would be limiting scope of the clipping plane to some selection of objects or layers

finally (at least for now), hatching/shading clipped solids, adjusting lineweights, linetypes…

oh yeah, and it should be FAST! please test with huge models we actually run into in practice, not some little baby model

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