FEATURE REQUEST - assigning clipping planes to detail views

This is a feature I requested a while ago via support chat (RH-64892) but I never posted it here.

When you have a model that uses many clipping planes assigned to many detail views in many different layouts it can be really hard to keep track of it all - to say it’s tedious is an understatement. I came up with a UI that would make life a hell of a lot easier…see below.

This is the current UI for assigning clipping planes to details views

A UI like this would make my workflow 100% better…

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Hi Brady - not sure if the script offered here may make some of this easier:


Yes could be helpful, thanks

Next few weeks, Rhino 8 WIP will have a new command SelClippingPlaneInViewport command.
It selects clipping planes that are clipping the currently active viewport.
Works in model views and active detail views.

So if you test Rhino 8 WIP, next weeks April 26 or later build, you can try out this command.

Mary Ann Fugier

That will be handy! But still doesn’t help with overall management of clipping planes. I hope the dev team notices my UI idea.

Thank you, Brady!
Yes, I wrote RH-64892.
Because of the files that you provided are attached, it is set to Developer view only.

We appreciate the sketches.
I will add them to RH-64892.
As @pascal says, “It is on the pile.”

Mary Ann Fugier

Yes you have logged most of my requests/concerns over the last year or so! I decided to make posts on the forum about everything so I could better keep track of communication about it and see if anyone else would chime in. Thanks for all your efforts!