Making voronoi on brep vs surface

voronoi (39.3 KB)
Hi! I have some questions about applying voronoi on surfaces vs breps. I manage to apply voronoi on a surface but same nodes system does not work for the brep one. Why is that?

And I am using weaverbird addon for subdivision etc. The surface getting deteriorated when it get thicker. Any suggestion for this problem?

First of all I would not use polylines for an intersection on a curved surface or polysurface.

Then the easy solution would be to create a surface with the horizontal extension being part of the surface. You can do this by creating a degree curve without kink and extrude that.

If you want to work with the polysurface, you will have to create the intersection curves per face of the polysurface and then stitch the split segments back together. You end up with four polysurfaces which consist of two surfaces and 46 surfaces.

If you had just surfaces, you could now use the offset on surface component to offset the sections but this does not work with your polysurface.

I’m almost thinking you would benefit of creating offset breps for all cells instead of trying to work with outline curves.

I did this in Rhino 8 using a script to create the brep offsets. (55.4 KB)

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Wow! Thank you for your well illustrated and detailed explanation. I will try to work with the method you suggested, but still a bit extreme for me. I will update. Meanwhile, do you have any suggested course or something like that for me to get that point of knowledge?

Glas I was able to help you.

Since 2010 I’ve put all the time I had into Rhino / Grasshopper.

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