Mesh to Brep?

Hey guys, basically trying to apply a voronoi surface to a cocoon structure. I need to somehow convert a mesh to brep or if there is another way to get a voronoi on a cocoon surface…Any suggestions are much appreciated!


Probably the easiest way:

And afterwards you can do a solid intersection with your voronoi cells, without an attached definition it’s hard to say


Sorry not sure how/what an attached definition is! Only been using grasshopper for a few weeks. So, it just freezes when I use the method you suggested when I toggle the cocoon on (or any other methods I tried). Do you think its just too complex for the software or should I try it on an iMac? Doing this on my Macbook Pro.

I meant that you can save and upload the .gh files onto the forum for others to see, and be sure to right click on any referenced geometry parameters and “Internalize Data”.

Solid intersections tend to be quite expensive to calculate, you could try reducing the number of points, faces etc. to see if it runs on a simple case without freezing up.

Alternatively do it the other way and convert the Voronoi cells to meshes, mesh boolean operations are a lot faster.

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Probably you already reached a solution, tough I thought this might be helpful.
Please check the file in attach, where Mesh from a voronoi populated cube is cut and sliced by a BREP plan - Move slider that says ‘moving slice plan’ and select resulting ‘curve’ to see the result differentiated in green colour

cubo voronoi with section (23.3 KB)

Hii @hlav0002,

I have the exact same problem with the code from @qythium . It immediately freezes…
Did you find another solution?

I also tried the plugin from Andrew Heumann

But that one immediately freezes after adding my mesh…

Does someone have another way to convert a Mesh to a BRep?

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boundary surfaces only works with 2d

You can apply the ggmeshtobrep component which I commonly used for transform mesh to brep
here’s the link:

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There is a “Mesh to Polysurface” function in gh, probably it’s worth trying. It seamlessly converts a mesh into a brep.