Making surfaces from two curve (71.8 KB) Rambensnitt.dwg (14.4 MB)


Hi, is there any tool I can use to get the surface to follow the curves smoothly? The goal is to make a closed brep. I have tried some different loft tools, but the result always end up like the pictures above. My intentions are to merge breps into a solid shape, and I suspect the loft can not leave any gaps if I want to have a solid.


I have now added the file, but do not know how useful it is, because I use blocks. Am amateur on this, so have indulgence. :slight_smile:

I think you need to set Preview Mesh Settings from Display>Preview Mesh Settings:

Here you can find a brief instruction on how to get your file ready for this forum (Check out 3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files)

Sorry for the headaches I caused. I loaded the right file now instead, which only touches on the problem I want to address. the quality is set on high. I also attached a dwg that I used as a block.

One thing you’d better avoid is placing your geometry far away from the origin point. when objects are far from world origin the mesh becomes fussy.


Thanks for the help, it was an improvement, (moved my block closer to 0), but my goal is to merge breps to one one closed brep, so I do not know if this will do. Is it something I’m missing?