Making surfaces between two surfaces?

I’m trying to generate n number of surfaces between two rectangular surfaces of different sizes. I need the surfaces to converge to one another. The only way I’ve found to create new surfaces from existing surfaces is using the Move function but it only makes one new surface from the one selected surface and makes it the same exact size just moved to a different location.

I have attached the files of two surfaces and a moved surface to give an idea of what I mean

Surfaces_Between_Surfaces.3dm (28.2 KB) (2.3 KB)

Try to use pufferfish plugin. (4.8 KB)



Why does it not let me do it when applying it to an actual model?
Attached is my model. (23.2 KB)

well i figured it out just don’t know how to fix it haha. Its because the orientation of how the upper surface was defined in relation to the lower is wrong. if i start on one corner of a rectangle and define a surface clockwise on each of the corners and then do the same on another rectangle but in the counter clockwise direction it does the same exact thing as shown above.


The surface above was defined by the use of a Extrude then then Deconstruct Brep. So I’m unsure how to change the orientation of the surfaces to allow me to do what i want with the Tween Two Surfaces function. (24.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot!

One more question… How do you do those Groups?

Nevermind figured it out haha