New in GH. Playing with Pufferfish plugin (some questions)

I am trying to recreate tween surfaces between 4 particular surfaces. My idea is to recreate a curved plane (imagine a sphere cover by a fabric) and find all the in between curves to a flat plane.

It is important that all of these happens within a cube’s boundary. I am trying to achieve an equidistant separation and play with the steps of my tween curve (puffer fish plug in).

I have been playing and I feel I am not super far :

I turned of the tween surfaces cause my laptop was overheating. Is it possible to understand how to tweak the graph (driving the attractor MD coordinates) in order to get a curve that finishes exactly tangent to XY planes. If you check the borders are curved and I am trying to achieve a flat to sphere “movement”.

I leave the file attached too. Thank you for your time hope some insights come to light. (17.3 KB)

I turned of the tween surfaces cause my laptop was overheating.

What are your specs? The tween surface is not so heavy on an up to date computer.

About equal spacing. Just make your factors equal distant and make sure your input curves are equal distant as well. Other than that I’m not really sure what your goal is.

Hi, my specs are:
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)
2,9 GHz Intel Core i7

The equal spacing I am intending is like in the print screen. I am looking for an equal spacing within a cube.

Tween (14.7 KB)

Thanks a lot! A lot, I am going to explore it asap! I am new so will take me a while to decipher but really appreciate your time and dedication.