Making slow motion 180 degree video of object

I was hoping someone might point me in the right direction of how to make a slow motion video capturing an 180 degree view of an object while slowly rotating. I know I can sort of do this just moving the camera in perspective view and recording my screen. But I would like to anchor the top and bottom of the piece and have it rotate on this axis with the camera staying still.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hello - to animate objects in Rhino, you’ll need Bongo - Bongo | Food4Rhino


Great, thank you Pascal.

For simple turntable animations there’s also:

Hi Daniel - That is camera animation only - I think the user wants the object to rotate. At least that is what I understood…


Great, this should do the trick. Thank you Daniel!

How do you record the turntable animation as a movie? There don’t seem to be any options to a sort of video format (.mov, .avi. etc.)


Yeah, you get a pile of images - you’d need to compile to get a video format.


Never mind. I can generate the frames. I just need something I can stitch them together with.