Making Single Coherent Mesh from Several Mesh Parts (Topography)


In the process of developing a base topography model, I have imported 3ds max files as fbx.
I’ve found that the imported mesh is various parts of various resolutions, sort of connecting, but not really.
I’m looking for a more expedient way of combining these parts into a single coherent mesh, while preserving the detailed features scattered throughout.
So far I’ve run through (with no success):
subd (without curves)
vertices alignment >> face normal

Please help!!

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 15.20.45|689x470

Hello - if you Join the meshes and then run matchMeshEdge - you may need to adjust the distance, depending on the scale there - you should be able to match up the vertices at the edges - but it may look messy at the seams. It may also be worth testing out the QuadRemesher in the V7/WIP.