Is there a way to remesh STL files while maintaining connectivity?

Hello Rhino community!

I am very new at this so sorry if this is a mundane task or if it’s too tall an order…

I did a mesh boolean split on 3 separate parts with their cumulative hollow. This left a bunch of “slivers” in the leftover mesh that render it unusuable by my FEA software.

Is there a way to either prevent these small tetrahedrals from forming or a way to remesh the pieces while still maintain the connectivity between them?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

middle shell gone exposing inner hollow as piece rhinohelp.3dm (373.6 KB)

Hello - QuadRemesh in the V7 WIP may be useful here -


Thanks for the help Pascal!

I assume that since this is a new feature, that there isn’t an option yet for matching the meshing vertices between different components?

rhinohelp_quadRemesh.3dm (764.5 KB)

if you join the parts before quadremeshing it should return a quad mesh with the flow presented correctly-

Thanks Kyle!

Would there then be a way to mark the individual components so I can separate them out after?

SplitDisjointMesh should do it.


For some reason, when I do “Join”, QuadReMesh messes up the mesh

but when I do “MeshBooleanUnion” it works with QuadReMesh but it does not allow me to split the mesh into the top, middle and bottom part of the shell with the inner piece. It only lets me split the mesh into the inner and outer piece.

Unless there is a way that I can just divide the meshes again?
rhinohelp_join_meshbooleanunion_quadremesh.3dm (1.5 MB)

lets back up a bit…

in the original problem, you had a few issues that kept your part from going to FEA… can we just fix those?