QuadRemesh - Finite Element Mesh / Surfaces


I have been testing the new feature QuadRemesh, I am attempting to get a fully connected mesh from a NURBS surface model, the Edges connect but the Surfaces are not joint (and joining them is most of the times unpractical)
In the picture Bellow, All surfaces touch each other “perfectly” (deviation is ~ xxxe-6), but QuadRemesh only recongnizes the boundaries if the Surfaces are Joint.

Any ideas in how to go about this? How to get a completely connected Mesh (nodes and elements of any adjacente surface shoul match). This is critical Structural FE analysis of complex structures (such a full ship). Thank you in advance

@j.estevenssilva currently there is no way to associate one set of edges to another but this is on our road map of future improvements. For today you would need to join those surfaces and remesh.

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Thank you for the explanation.
I think such feature would be a game changer for FE designers/analyst. Having the ability to mesh and check the mesh within Rhino (and with native features, not add-ins) would be extensively welcome, in my opinion. Anyway, in the meantime we await with great expectation for the day this feature comes inbuilt in to Rhino.

Hi @Trav any idea if this is already planned for Rhino8?

@g.synetos, it may come in a future v8 service release or later but not at the time of v8 shipping.