Making Lines on Surface Instead of Points?

This has 2 questions about Lines and points on Surfaces: there are attached files to help illustrate what I’m talking about. I am trying to setup this logic to work on any arbitrary curve.

First Question:
This one refers to the upper branch of icons in the grasshopper file attached.
I am trying to map n numbers of lines/curves on a surface that are evenly spaced apart. The only way i have found how to do this is by using the Divide Domain and the Isotrim functions together in order to break the surface into sub surfaces. Then to use a Deconstruct Brep on these newly defined surfaces. Then pinpoint the lines in the edges output list. But there are two issues with this. 1) it doesn’t allow me to treat these as sepreat entities in this new list and 2) it has a missing line on the far end of the surface. I would like to know if there is a better or easier way to do this.

Second Question
This one refers to the middle and last branch of the grasshopper file attached.
I have figured out how to divide a surface into points but didn’t know if there was a way to then take those points and set curves based on those points to get the specific curves i desire on the surface. Similar to the first question I am trying to construct curves equally spaced on the surface but just thought there might be a similar tool that i just don’t know about or method to this.

Lines_on_Surface.3dm (52.3 KB) (12.9 KB)

Take a look at the attachment. (19.9 KB)