Making brep from mesh or smoothing in breps

Hello together,

i’m trying to create branching structures with grasshopper. I need smooth brached structures. I know that I can create such geometries with MultiPipe component, but I need to check all parameters and add some new ones. I have smoothed the geometry from weavebird with laplacian smoothing. However, I then need to convert the geometry to breps or low numbered subd. Do you know how I can do this or do you have a better idea for smoothing breps (not with Fillet Edge)? (71.7 KB)

There is a plugin called Flexibility. It has a component that can convert a Subd to NURBS.
I don’t understand what smoothing a Brep means in your question.
Maybe Blending G0 edges into G2 or 3?

Thank you for your reply. Actually, I want to blend G0 into G2 or 3 exactly. Do you know any methode or component for that? But this component should blend surfaces, not curves.

blend surfaces 3 pipe (19.0 KB)

In the same addon, you can find the BlendSurface component. This can give you a limited G2 blending function.

it works really well for the surface. Thank you for that. But, I had problem to give wall thickness. If I offset the surfaces and blend them with the same tool, I had the following result, which is not connected surfaces :frowning:

Do you have any idea, how I can solve this problem?

blend surfaces 3 pipe joint (19.6 KB)

I changed the code a little bit(red part) to tackle that problem. But the result is not good as BlendSrf in Rhino.
So maybe bake the geometry and use Rhino’s BlendSrf function?

As for Offset Surface, I don’t think that is a good idea. I suggest you offset the circles at the beginning of the code and make the inside surfaces. If you offset outer surfaces directly, the result might be not good.

thank you for your reply. Now, I’m trying to get braching surface from curve network. I could build a curve network. But, I’m struggling with getting surface from curve network. I think, it would be the correct way for me, because I need flexible system to automatize it later.

May the Multipipe be your solution?
It looks perfect for fading pipes like exhaust pipe