Making a unqiue texture on a Brep in Grasshopper

Im having trouble trying to make a suitcase with this texture
I have made the shape I want, but how I might create this texture using grasshopper is beyond me.

I also have curves that I created to use as a guide.

Anyone have any ideas of how I might go about this? :upside_down_face:

install the excellent Nautlius plugin to get access to noises

convert your brep to a dense mesh

use the noise to displace vertices (113.7 KB)

not entirely sure what’s the right noise for this (maybe @laurent_delrieu could help) , but you get the point

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alternatively, try using an image texture. see this post

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@adel.albloushi thanks for your comments and example.
Yes noise could be used. This last tool from “Fast Noise Lite” has lots of options. You can use :
OpenSimplex or Perlin. Perlin Seems best.
Frequency must be adapated to the size of the object
In order to have repetitive valley PingPong could (must) be used.
It seem better to have gain to 0 so you will have just ONE frequancy of noises and no octaves (more thiner noise)
Use Ping Pong Strength to augment the number of valleys

I added a CAtmull & Clark subdivision so you can play with coefficient using a low resolution mesh and when happy use a higher subdivision.

noise_on_mesh (131.4 KB)

Or you can draw curves and use attractors