Making a horizontal pipe shaft

Hello everyone, I have a question to ask. I am quite new to grasshopper and Rhino, I have constructed a shaft using the functions such as move, extrude, lines and so on. But the question is how do i turn it into a closed volume body. I will the grasshopper file below if anyone would like to take a look at it. And I will also attach a photo of it. (51.3 KB)

Why is your pipe broken up into sections like that?

Anyway, the closed BREP is right there…

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Initially the plan was to divide the shaft into sections. thats why there are sections like that, I just did them using series and move function. Is it incorrect? If it is incorrect, what would you sugggest me to use to make this shaft into sections? Thanks!

When you say sections…do you mean like A or B? Because your GH looks like B - your shaft is divided into smaller sections and each of those sections is divided like a pie - this is what you’re after?

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Why would a hollow “shaft” be divided into sections?

I was trying to do the ones in the red circle. Specifically, concrete lining and wanted them to not overlap each other as in the photo.

Another example if it helps you to understand it better

Create one segmented section, rotate and move it, then replicate both as many times as you need.

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Is it possible for it to be parametrically designed? Such that I would be able to change the radius of the shaft etc.

Ran out of time so here’s a quick version. Divide curve might be better for the segments. (12.2 KB)

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Of course :exclamation: I’m short on time so ignored and deleted most of your code. (22.2 KB)


I can’t thank you enough for your help Mister Oster! This is truly what was needed!

Thank you Mister Ftzuk, both versions of solutions were totally useable! Thank you so so much!

There are so many ways to do this. Instead of Dispatch, Rotate and Weave you can use a rotate pattern like this:

0. 0
1. 30
2. 0
3. 30
4. 0
5. 30
6. 0

Instead of this:

Do this: (24.3 KB)

Keep it simple and have fun!

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I wanted to ask something else about the same subject. For example for each segment it has the arc length of L,L,L and one of the arc to have L/2. Because it would act as a fitting to close off the segment as in real situation, we are unable to close off the segment perfectly. I will attach a photo below, if it helps you to imagine what I’m talking about. Im sorry for these questions, I’m still trying to learn this powerful software and there seems to be alot of ways to do one thing. Thank you for your help!


This detail was not mentioned in your first post, eh? :thinking:

Or with the ‘Count’ slider set to 4 instead of 6:

Yeah it wasnt mentioned above, but I’m trying to look into it right now. Experimenting with split brep. I tried changing the counter to 4 and I think the result is quite the same.

I barely understand this myself so it might not help you at all. Maybe there is a simpler way… (32.4 KB)

It helped me a little bit since the part is already divided. But thank you very much for helping out! I’m going to do some trial and error to see if there’s any way to do it.

Thanks Mr Oster.

Here is another way. It creates twice the number of segments and then uses SUnion on all pairs in each branch except one. (30.7 KB)