Making a hole in a curved polysurface

I am working with a model into sections of which I want to make a series of holes that don’t go all the way through but are .5 mm deep.

In the flat sections of the model I was successful in doing this, but I am having difficulties doing the same on the curves area of the model.

This is what I did to create the holes in the flat areas. I started with a polyline connecting the corners of each flat area. Then I did an offset, followed by fillet corners. After that Make Hole, with option Direction > Normal To Curve so the holes go straight in. After that I filleted the edges of the holes.

On the curved surface this method does not work. I again created a curve connecting the four corners of the surface (red), then the offset curve with the filleted corners (yellow), and then I did Pull Curve to project the curve onto the curved surface (white). But now I don’t know how to create the hole I want. Obviously my approach is wrong.

Am I on the right track or is what I am doing completely wrong?

If your white curve, curve on surface, is closed you could;
Extract that surface.
Split it with the white curve.
Offset the split surface as solid
Extract top surface and delete it.
join all back and then filet the edges.

if your white curve is not closed, you could offset curve on surface, choose underneath surface edge, by required amount. Join and filet corners then proceed by splitting surface, etc…

Make sense?

Hi Abrasha - when you get the curves onto the surface, extractSrf that surface and Split with the curve. Then, OffsetSrf (Solid=Yes) inward. You’ll need to ExtractSrf the outer face of the new object, but it should then join into the rest of the outer face extracted previously, and then to the overall object.