Making a grid structure

Hi guys I’m trying to make a structure for my project, and what I’m doing is to multipipe all my lines where I want to have it, but multipipe makes it around the line and I want to be inside the lines, into the interior so the structure is not visible from the exterior façade, anyone know a way?

Structure.3dm (86.9 KB) (5.5 KB)

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I would try offsetting the surface toward the inside to whatever you want to radius of your pipes to be. Then multipipe to resulting curves from that.

Yeah I tried that but then the offset doesn’t work properly, I can still see the structure outside the surface

Are you able to upload your script so we don’t have to attempt to recreate the geometry.

Sure here are the filesStructure.3dm (86.9 KB) (5.5 KB)

The problem with offset is because your surface is a subd surface resulting in extra lines

However, using offset results in the problem of the edges not meeting up as the different angles between surfaces does not result in a common vertex.

Since the shape is irregular, you will not end up with verticies and probably won’t be able to use multipipe to design this.

I think I might have a solution if given a week or more, but I don’t have the time.

Thank you Cristopher, yeah I also think multipipe is not the correct way of doing it, will continue working on finding another solution, thanks