Making a gh file from C#.Net

I want to make a grasshopper file using c#.
Most of all examples i see, make a gh component in c#.
Is it possible to make a gh file. If so does anybody know a good tutorial?


I’m curious to know why you want to do this. The beauty of visual programming is usually the visual part. You can use the GH_IO.dll to read and write .gh and .ghx files. I’m not sure how you would go about constructing the actual chunks though.

i’ve made a program that calculates the form of a prestressing cable on a concrete beam/bridge. The program writes a file to a program Finite element program. so i thought why noe make a file that can give the geometry as well.
I would like the users to just open the gh file and select a line. and then the geometry of the cable from my program will appear in Rhino/Tekla.

I’d suggest you manually create the grasshopper file (you only need one is that correct?) Otherwise you’ll programmatically need to define the whole grasshopper graph (component locations and connectivity and data) which would be pretty cumbersome I imagine.

Your program could ship with your .gh file and launch it as needed. Am I missing something? Maybe I need more context. Unless you need a large number of unique .gh files, I can’t see this being worth it.