Create package of grasshopper components


I’ve been developing a collection of grasshopper components to deploy in a package. I’m would like for this package to be downloaded and easily installed by users.

So far I’ve found documentation about Yak. But I can’t find any information on how to create .gha or .dll file for all of my components. Some are written in Python, some in C# and some are Clusters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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GHAs are .NET assemblies typically compiled with Visual Studio. Here’s a getting started guide

If they are all written in gh script components and / or clusters, then you will have to make user objects, can’t be .gha. If you want .gha you will need to write them all in a visual studio document, in the same language (c# or vb are the most common), and compile it as .gha. This is a bit more involved because you need to do extra things like defining inputs / outputs via code rather than setting stuff on the component like you do with the gh script components.

Personally, I’d recommend you to use visual studio as your code management platform, especially for the large project with multiple component sharing information.

I’ve experienced to develop multiple custom-made components, and I completely switched from pure gh script to python(on-site scripting) and eventually to c#(visual studio).

So far, visual studio is the best one to organize my code structure and easy to share to my colleague and clients with the option to choose the level of exposure you to be viewed