Grasshopper Visual Studio C#, Custom Outputs


I’m just getting started into C# development for GH and I’m trying to create multiple components that link together with the custom single outputs that carry multiple pieces of data, like a list/dictionary.

For Example,
For say a concrete beam design, I will have one main components that produces the solution and then I will have multiple components that go into that that define say Geometry, forces etc.

For the Geometry component I want it to only have one output and that output holds the data for all 3 or 4 inputs to be put into the main component. And it would be nice to be able to have the Geometry have a custom output “Beam.Geometry” that will then be read by the main component. Im just a bit unsure on how to go about this with the pManager.


Dear @user2561 - what s your (nick-) name ?
Did you work through the examples in the SDK ?
sounds like you should define a class for the “multiple pieces of data”.
this old post might help as a starting-point.
sorry i don t have a simple example with custom data to share.

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I tried having a go but since I’m pretty new to this I got a bit lost, any chance of a very simple example?