Making a Flow Chart Diagram Builder with Grasshopper


Simply put I want to create a script that creates flow diagrams from data input from an excel spread sheet.

I want it to look similar to this [Attached image] (as this is the diagram I want replicated by GH). The arrows Im not too fussed about - it is more the arrangement of the boxes to each other that I am aiming for.

I suppose more specifically my query could be broken into 2 questions;

  1. What would the best format of the excel be to represent the data of the flow chart?
  2. How can this data be managed to produce the flow diagram?

I know this is quite a general query, but was hoping that some one maybe has had experience with doing this or something similar to this and if they have any thoughts on the best way I could go abouts achieving this or any resources that might be useful.


Hi Samuel,

Do you have a compelling reason for wanting to build something to do this in Rhino rather than in an off-the-shelf flowcharter?


check out

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Hi Jeremy,

The reason I wanted to do it in GH was because I wanted to perform analysis on the nodes of the flowchart like making each node certain colours based off of the data in another column from the excel sheet.

For example, I want to make a column in the excel which has the value for the amount of time spent on each node and I then want to colour each node with a gradient from the shortest time spent to the longest.

In other flow charters I can’t really see how to do this.