Making a Drawing of the Grasshopper Interface

Hello all, I have been following this forum for years now, and very grateful for the wide variety of information here. However, I found that I have a question which I have not been able to answer through a through searching (unusual given the depth of knowledge here)
Sometimes I the way that my definitions are organized, and the beautiful way that GH arranges curves, I would like to archive these spatial arrangements in a more special way than simply taking a screenshot

I would like to make a drawing of the string and node interface

Is there an existing plugin to transform a GH definition into Rhino curve geometry?

if not, are there any directions I could be pointed in? I realize this is a bit of a plato’s cave situation, so maybe python scripts would be necessary to step outside of the cave, so to speak. Attached are 2 screenshots of the kinds of arrangements I would like to draw

thank you for your time,


for each object in ghdoc
    if object is parameter
        for each source in parameter
            bake bezier from source output grip to target input grip
    else if object is component
        for each input in component
            for each source in input
                bake bezier from source output grip to target input grip
    bake object capsule bounds
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Recreating components with their coordinates is possible but i don’t know how to get number of inputs/outputs


in C#, comp.Params.Input.Count.

Check this thread, Created with collaboration of @Mahdiyar and @nathanletwory


how did you do that?

Check the thread

sorry i missed it

Thank you @Dani_Abalde @seghierkhaled ! for your fantastic help. This would have been well outside of what I am currently capable of, but much of this is starting to make sense seeing it in action!

Now that the question’s got an answer, may I ask one?

Why would you possibly need that?

Oh, well, bever mind.

That was the thing that came up in my mind initially anyways :slight_smile: