GH python 101


I’m fairly fluent in Rhino Python and I’m setting up a workflow in grasshopper with GHPython scripts.

I run into obvious issues like how to access and distinguish between file-objects and or grasshopper-objects. Is there a gh python introduction somewhere to guide those familiar with rhino python?


FWIW: A first question. I have a ghpython component return a Rhino.Geometry.Mesh object.
When passing to as input to a second ghpython component it comes in as Guid, but how to I retrieve the mesh geometry from that Guid?

EDIT: I found that if I set the input to No Type Hint , the geometry is passed insted of the Guid

@scottd is editing a page which will include several topics:
Also, there is extensive Help if you click on the Help… item (included in your screenshot).