Makercase clone for Grasshopper?

There is a website where you can use a neat little interface to make the layout for laser cutting for various boxes. This is all well and good but I would need another level of complexity and wondering if someone could help me with how to do this in grasshopper.

What I intend on making is a utensil tray for my kitchen drawers. And would like to section the box in various sizes and the website only allows equal size divisions. Where I would want to section it off in a smaller section for teaspoons and a big ass section for cutting knives etc.

I am really sorry to ask this since I KNOW this would be something basic however I am literally so new to this I really do not know where to start. Perhaps even to just askā€¦ Is there simply a plugin that detects intersecting geometry and makes the slots accordingly. It is not technically a waffle structure which I was looking at too. But honestly I feel like people here with more experience than me could point me in the right direction.