How to generate a cut list for cabinet like geometry

I’m experimenting with Grasshopper to design parametric cabinets and I’m curious how to generate an optimal cut list. I’m not really looking for a perfect spacing solution but it would be great to use e.g. OpenNext to create a cut list which is optimal to be used when cutting wooden panels, which sometimes means that the space partitioning is done based on the least number of cut lines.

I’ve posted a similar, but a bit broader question, here, which led me to this OpenNext sub-forum. Is there an example which demonstrates how to create a cut list/schema as shown in the image below which is generated via

Currently I’m generating cabinets similarly as shown in the video of the EasyCut plugin.

I don’t have much to add other than I am very interested as well. RhinoNEST used to have grasshopper integration but all support ceased when they were bought by another company. OpenNest is impressive for the undertaking but in my experience, easily over burdened and a hassle to rely on professionally. I’ve found RhinoCAM Nest an infinitely valuable compromise for at least staying in Rhino.

Hopefully someone comes along with a good grasshopper solution, I know several fab shops including our own that would gladly pay to help support one.

That said, I’m mostly nesting curved and faceted parts, and interested in nesting in sheet remnants, which is a lot more complex than nesting rectangles inside rectangles, so maybe there is hope.

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@closedcurve , Thank you for the nicest words for free, non-supported plugin!

From what I see from the website it is a bin-packing algorithm:

Having that said, and knowing that in OpenNest I implemented a bin-packing algorithm, can you post your files to solve your issue? As I mentioned in the previous post there is already a solution to this problem.
Also are you aware that you can upload .CSV files to this website, in case you want this specific implementation?

Hi @Petras_Vestartas, thanks for replying and helping, really amazing! I’ve attached the Grasshopper file that I use while learning and experimenting with Rhino/Grasshopper. There are probably other/better solutions for what I’m trying to do, but I’m learning as I go.

The attached file generates a cabinet from which I want to generate a cutting list. It would be amazing if OpenNest could provide a solution for this! (39.9 KB)

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Delete current version of opennest and replace with the one attached. (8.7 MB)

your file with the solution: (39.1 KB)


This is amazing, thanks!

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@Petras_Vestartas If that was sarcasm, I earned it, but I really am a fan. I utilize it in odd ways and for form finding sometimes. I just know it wasn’t meant to compete with industry nesting software that costs thousands of dollars. I’m happy for whatever is available in Grasshopper though, if I were rich, I would give you funding for it.

And me, I use OpenNest to define the UVs texture …)
thanks @Petras_Vestartas !

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