Make 2D Won't Render Objects at Correct Proportion and Size

I’m trying to export several objects from a model into Illustrator using the make 2d command. I’ve attached two images that show what I’m trying to do and what’s wrong. I would like to do the make2d command several times from the same view with different layers off and on so that I have all of the elements in place so I can bring them into Illustrator. I hope that makes sense. But, when I make 2d from the same view with some objects turned off the 2d version doesn’t appear in the correct place compared to the previous time I did and it appears smaller.

If you see the image, I’m trying to do make 2d two times once with the foreground square turned on and the rest off, and with the foreground square off and the rest on. I want the 2d forms to “land” proportionately to how they are in perspective so that I can bring them into illustrator and diagram them. The problem as you can see is that the foreground square doens’t appear where it should in the right panel, it appears small and near the bottom of the chair wheen it should be large and in front of the sqare in front. Let me know how I can export them all at the correct location and size. Thanks

One thing you could try is set the Cplane to the screen view once you have the view set up, then draw a temporary rectangle as a boundary and use that boundary in each make2d operation. Don’t zoom the view between operations.

Make2d will use the temporary boundary for the geometry extents in each case and the objects should then be correctly aligned with each other, then delete the boundaries.

You can use the view Cplane you have just set up for the resulting geometry or use the previous CPlane before you fire the make2d.

Someone can probably suggest an easier way but this should get you closer.


similar to the first post, but maybe a little easier.
select all and command make bounding box, then place bounding box on its own layer, the bounding box will then allways define the placement of the different make2ds, same as first post delete bounding box in illustrator.