Make2d with dimensions

Is there a way to have the dimensions included with a Make2D view from the perspective window and Make2D set to Current View? They come in if it is set to current cplane if the cplane is set to world top. Otherwise they are missing. I tried setting my cplane to View and typing plan at the command line but that didn’t work.


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Hi Dennis - it looks like not…


Grrrr. Sure would be handy!

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Have you tried Copy-inplace / Hide for the dimensions you need, then explode the dimensions? You have to explode the dimension, then explode the dimension text again or the text won’t show. A bit of a clumsy workaround, but I’ve used in the past to get the job done.


Thanks Matt. That did the trick. The arrows and text lose their fill but at least they’re visible!


You can use solid hatch to colour it all in again…

one way is to explode the annotation and also the text, then make 2D. it works.

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I ended up with this workaround today… so much work for such simple things… (but I guess that’s Rhino’s tag line). :wink:

Dimensions can be exported with make 2D if they are inside of a group that contains at least one curve
They won’t be exported on their own
Bug? @mcneelsoftware

Hi Nestor -

Could you post a file that shows what you mean?

In this scene, the dimensions are not grouped with anything.

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Hi @wim
Wow! How do you do that?? Can you send the file or explain how it works?
For me (rhino 7) it doesn’t work. Even if I group the dimensions with a curve in the group (as @Nestor_Beguin)
The only way is to explode all dimensions and then explode text, which is annoying…

The ‘clean’ workflow would be to annotate in a layout, on top of a Detail view.
However, only (vector) PDFs can be produced from the layout, not DWGs.
Yes, we need that.

Hi -


Hi @wim
here is my file,
make 2D in the perspective viewport doesn’t show the dimensions…
dim_make2D.3dm (36.1 KB)