Make2D will not generate secondary options window nor any 2D drawing

Hi Pascal. Yes, if I run it without any selection, it asks me to select objects. But after I do and press enter, nothing appears unfortunately.

Thanks - OK, so we can at least narrow it down to the dialog, I guess. here are some more to try -

Make several blocks and run ReplaceBlock > SelectFromBlockDefinitionList

All of those dialogs work?


Yep, all those dialogs work.

OK, thanks for testing. I am at a loss, I will ask some bigger brains…

@martin.craig.everett - one possibility - another shot in the dark really, to be honest - is to reset your settings file. I do not think this is related to that but it is possible. With Rhino closed, locate and rename this folder:

then start Rhino. A new folder with fresh settings will be generated.


Hi Pascal, thanks for getting back to me. I renamed that folder to a different name and had my Rhino settings reset, but still the problem persists unfortunately. Any other ideas?

Hi Martin - please try:

Locate this folder:
%AppData%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-ins\Commands (02bf604d-799c-4cc2-830e-8d72f21b14b7)\settings"

In there is an xml settings file for this particular plug-in - delete that (Rhino closed) and start Rhino again - actually get the window positions one as well.

Does that do anything good?


Hi Pascal,

Still nothing unfortunately. I deleted both and there is nothing in that folder now and the problem is still occurring. I don’t know if this is a possibility, but could my recent BIOS update cause this issue?

Hi Martin - I guess, if I understand, this used to work, correct? Since there is no obvious reason or solution so far… did the bad thing start happening with the BIOS update? Can we tie it to that pretty solidly, timing wise?


Hi Pascal, the command used to work. Although it’s been a while since I’ve used Make2D, it worked before the BIOS update. However, I didn’t use it for a while even before I did the BIOS update; but at this point like you said with exhausting all solutions I think it might be the BIOS update causing the issue…however I have no other outstanding issues with my machine which is odd. Maybe I’ll try and update the BIOS again?

Martin, when you run Make2D, and select objects, expecting the dialog box to appear, does the command end? Or do you have to press Esc to get back to the command prompt?

That is, if you:

  1. Run Make2D
  2. Select Objects and press Enter
  3. Type Circle and press Enter

Does the Circle command start?

Hi Brian, the Make2D command doesn’t seem to end. I do not have to press Esc to get back to the command prompt. I did the steps accordingly and the circle command starts.

@rajaa are there any try/catch blocks in the code that could be swallowing any exceptions the dialog is throwing? @stevebaer we used to report non-fatal exceptions to raygun; is it possible that Rhino is swallowing exceptions when the command fails, but not giving the user any information about the failure?

@brian there is not try/catch in Make2D command level code.

Yes this is possible, but from what I’m reading it sounds like the Make2D dialog is being shown in some location that is not really on a screen. I’m basing that off of this comment

that sounds like something that would happen if a dialog were shown but in a location where someone can’t actually see it. @rajaa does the Make2d dialog remember it’s location? If so, maybe we should just get rid of that.

@stevebaer It seems that Make2D does end for Martin (the “doesn’t” seems to be a typo). The rest of the sentence indicate that (I do not have to press Esc, circle starts).
Make2D dialog location is remembered, but the command does not do anything special to remember it. I can check the dialog settings to get rid of it if this is the behavior we would like to implement. I think other Rhino commands do remember the location of their dialog though.

Hi everyone, forgive me for the typo as I misunderstood you. I tried the command in other versions of Rhino and the dialog does not appear either. I don’t know if this information would help but I thought it would be worth mentioning. Let me know if you suggest anything else.