Make 2D with clipping plane on a mesh crash

Seems to be a bug in the latest wip with Make 2D using a clipping plane on a mesh. Ive tried twice and both times the file crashed. Error report sent.

Hi FilmDesigner - a quick test here works - did you send the file you crashed with with the crash report? If not, can you please post it or send to



Hi Pascal,

I can’t send the file unfortunately due to NDA.i did send a crash report.

It’s a big file with lots of parts. And I updated the wip this morning.

Hi Filmdesigner - OK, thanks. Just fyi, is our private support, not public, so you can send us files there or via, but hopefully we got your crash dump, if you really cannot send the file (or, better still, just export the mesh and the clipping plane and send that with instructions to reproduce, if that is even possible)