Make2D Predefine layer print options


I’m struggling with the Make2D command in rhino 6. Everything works fine it just makes me do very repetitive tasks over and over.

what I want to achieve is to use the Make2D command and have the layers created to have specific settings. i.e. i want the visible curves to have print width of 0.4, the tangens 0.25, hidden lines dotted with my own settings and specific print width, and so on…

now i do this over and over, just wondering if there is a better way of doing this? to have these settings predefined somhow!

thanks in advance,


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Hi August - you should be able to set this up in your template file(s). Does that make sense with what you’re asking?


…hoping for new features as well!

thanks for ur reply but no, i dont think thats what im after. its rather added settings for the output layers of the make 2D command.

now i have made my ajustments to one Make2D “group layer” and use that as a template - and then I copy each subject layer objects into my template group files. but that requires copying and pasting like five times which is quite annoying.



Since Rhino doesn’t provide a way to set global options for Make2D layers, the idea is that you start a new file from your preferred template file. You then run Make2D on a dummy object and tweak the Make2D layers the way you want.

You then delete that dummy object and save the file with a new file name. You then set this file to be the template file when Rhino starts.

This way, you do the work once and every new project you will start after that will have the layer settings as you want them to be.

OK that sounds like what im trying to achieve! i havnt used any template functions so i dont know how it works really but this sounds proimsing!

thanx a lot!

Hello Everyone,
Do you think is also possible to change layers names? In Rhino 5 I had prenamed layers for 2D drawings.
Is it still possible?? What I mean is not to print into “Hidden” and “Visible”, but to my own prepared layers.
Thank you!

If I understand correctly, no, the Make2D command layer control options are not currently rich enough to fully support what I think you’re asking to do.

If you have a fixed standard naming scheme you use, then it should be possible to write a command macro or script that could be run to shift objects or rename layers to end up with what you’re asking.