Make2D Layers

Is there a way to pick the default colors for the Visible and Hidden layers created when using the Make2D command?


I don’t think you can set them, but…

You can set the resulting layers to match the ones of the objects you have selected before/during Make2D.

Yes that’s true. But it’s just one more step which could be prevented by having it preset in a template. Hear that McNeel guys? Add it to you list for nest time!



You can always use scripts and make the output closer to what you want :wink:

You could probably setup the Make2D layers with your preferred settings and save those to a template file. That way they exist as you want them when you make use of them with Make2D

Hmm, how could that work @John_Brock?

How does Make2D know to use my layers and not create its own?

The controls are in the Options section of the Make2D command dialog.