Make2D orthographic option

Hi @andy and @GregArden,

I’ve been reading a few bits about the make2D command within the forum and couldn’t find a specific answer to my question. I’ve utilised make2D with varying success over time but one thing that just came to light was the fact that 4th view relies on the perspective view port.

As an example, if I draw a cube in top view (without viewing the object in perspective) then run make2D with 4 views it only creates 3 objects…?

It would be useful if when in plan the command returns a isometric view of the selected object(s) rather than what is viable in the perspective view port.

Or failing that have a make2D isometric option, please?

One other point which was raised before was 1st and 3rd angle projection: Make 2D - 3rd angle projection USA & UK



Here if I Make2D (4 view setting) with just the Top showing, I still get 4 views, and yes, the Make2D is whatever the Perspective viewport is currently showing even if I don’t see it. If you are getting nothing, I assume it’s not zoomed into the object, so a ZEA before running Make2D will help.

If you want Isometric, you can set the perspective viewport to an isometric parallel projection before running Make2D… Seems possible that this could be automated with a script, but of course, you would need to choose from which of the 8 directions you want to look for the isometric.


Hi Mitch,

Yeah, I’d done that already with the isometric projection but had some weird anomalies, measuring the angles I was getting 29.85 and 33.05 degrees respectively and not 30 degrees.

Not sure what it was, it was an old file from the beta Mac version so no idea what happened there. It was fine in plan and side views but the ISO make2d was out. Also, opening the model up in Keyshot and setting the camera was spot on?

Now I’ve cut and paste the model into a new model space it’s playing by the rules.