Make2D from technical displaymode PLEASE?

I work on a large architectural project and I REALLY need some good section drawings, and the tolerance doesn’t need to be super accurate, but neither V5 nor V6 manages to make a good 2D output of this.

Could you please see if you could make a tool that can harvest the technical display curves?

I think as has been explained before the way the technical display mode can’t remotely be “exported” as curves, it’s just a bunch of shading tricks that make an effect that sorta looks like curves.

Yes, it has been discussed before, but they also said that maybe they could do something, so I just wanted to bring it up again since it is a huge need and V6 does not handle large meshes and clippingplanes yet.

So hopefully it is possible to do some magic with the trickery data :slight_smile:

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