Make 2D command simply not working?!?

I’ve been using Make 2d command on and off for some time, it’s not a command I use daily, but boy is it handy when you need it. That is, until it stops working.

When I click on Make 2D, the command runs and asks, ‘select objects to draw. Press enter when done’.
I select objects, and press enter. That’s it, nothing happens. The command terminates. Command line, just says, ‘command’. No dialogue box, no further info, it just terminates.

At first I thought the dialogue box might be displaying somewhere else, so I reset display settings, disconnected one of my displays, no dice. I installed latest Rhino update, no dice. I’ve read the threads on here, no dice.

It is most frustrating, it was working perfectly once upon a time (I can’t pin down when the issue arose), but now it simply doesn’t do anything.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated. It’s one of those things that when you need it, you need it. I need it now, but can’t use it. pulling my hair out a wee bit.

Are there any Bad objects in your selection?
Command: SelBadObjects

Hi John,

Checked that, no bad objects

Thanks John,

I opened a brand new drawing and drew a pyramid directly from solids, still didn’t work.

Did you try the basics like rebooting?