Make2d changes the proportions of my model?

Hello, I’m having a problem with the make2d command. I want to make an axonometric drawing of a building for which I have a model. When I go in isometric view and I measure the building, one floor is for example 3m high and 21m long. (the correct dimensions). But when I use Make2d and I measure the lines the proportions are all wrong? (Not the distances - although they are wrong as well, I scale the height to 3m but the lenght is then 16m, or vice versa - I scale the lenght and the height is too long).

Hi - I’m not seeing that here with a simple cube.
Could you post a sample model?

I figured it out, my model was a bit rotated on the z axis and it wasn’t aligned with the grid, when I aligned it it got fixed. Thanks for answering!