Make two different curves always at same height

Hi everybody, I’m quite a newbie with Rhino, and I have troubles modeling an easy shape.
I have two sloped walls (Actually one wall that at one point splits into two) and they create two different curves. I would like to make them be always at the same height also if they make a different path. How should I do this? I cannot find the solution!
You can udnerstand better the problem in the following image.

(The interruptions you see are just openings, the wall just continues all the way folding until the end point where it’s written “5m tall”)

I must admit I find your description a little confusing - have you got a building on a slope and you are trying to keep the top of it even - or are you trying to make a curve that gradually rises from 0 to 5 meters along the curve? Because the results would be quite different

Either way, if it is to keep the roof line even the whole way you could extrude your curves to 5m and then using an inclined plane, remove the excess material? Boolean difference can be used to trim a solid using just a surface, the direction of the surface will determine which side of the shape is kept (above or below the plane) - you can check and adjust the direction of a surface using _Dir.

Alternatively you can split the operation into manageable chunks:

  1. Use _Sweep1 from a height of 0 to 5, Using a point as the start and a vertical line at height 5 to create your walls
  2. Loft between the two walls to create the floor and ceiling
  3. Create caps or fillet shape to match your rounded edges

I hope that answers your question,


If you want wall to be 2.2m at certain position you have to control its height at that position…

Here is the link to short video - how to do it. And this is just one way how to do it…
Wall_HowToDo video

thanks guys, you’re both so kind!
Amazizng video :slight_smile: