How do I get the curves to extrude with an increasing value?

Hi there,
I’m trying to model an Imac.

Imac.3dm (107.9 KB)

I’m still at the beginning with the stand. Now the stand does not have a continuous height of 2 cm, but gets higher and higher towards the back. How do I create this slope?

I hope you understand how I mean it :smiley:

You could use CageEdit with 2 points in each direction. Or you could use Taper.

I get the same result when I use Taper :confused:

I don’t know what result you are getting. You can extrude your shape higher than you want it and then trim it with a line. Is that what you need?

If you look at the photo then the stand at the rounded edges is relatively thin and then becomes thicker towards the back. But I only get the result as I posted at the beginning of this post

Hello - draw the curves in ‘side’ view and Shear like so,

The curves can then be lofted together.

Tapered.3dm (117.2 KB)