Make translucent curves on a certain

Can objects such as lines, curves (no surfaces, just vector lines etc) be made translucent for just one layer.

I was given method for objects as in surfaces some time ago.


Display mode can be overridden on a “ByObject” basis, not a “ByLayer” basis.
Use SetObjectDisplayMode

Here is a box in a Shaded display viewport, with a red box set to display in Ghosted:

Hi, I have just 'curves, others call them lines !

no objects as with surfaces, and wish these ‘lines’ to be translucent.

As I draw them on the current layer, each new line must go translucent, if not, then I wil settle for selecting them all then making them translucent.
Allocate them to a layer called translucent lines I want them to be translucent when on that layer. So much so that altering a slider I can make them almost disappear.

No surfaces involved.


What are you trying to achieve by making lines translucent??

I do not believe what you are trying to do is possible based on the display settings

You could try a “hack” where you turn the grid off and you set the curve lines to be the same shade of grey as the background or a slightly darker/ lighter version of it but you cannot physically make the curves translucent


Hi, I am tracing over a not so well defined picture and find the strong lines, even using light grey, are blinding me regards seeing the subtle detail I am following.


How about making the pictureframe transparent and move it above the cplane so lines drawn fall behind it?
In the past I have successfully used that trick for the situation you describe.

You will need to make a new material that has the pictureframe’s image as texture. The material can be set to a desired transparency. Next assign the material to the picture frame. If you use SetObjectDisplayMode on the pictureframe to be rendered curves behind it will show through.


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This…except there shouldn’t be any need to reassign material textures to the pictureframe. Just adjust the basic settings transparency.

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