Depicting an object with dashed lines

Looking for a setting so that all of the lines depicting an object display in a specific linetype (usually hidden) when I place it on a layer assigned that linetype, in an ortho view. I’d like to create a view mode that enables this - preferably wire frame, but maybe others can be set for this also.

I am not succeeding with an objects (closed solid polysurface, in this case) whose properties are set “Linetype: By Layer”. Curves on the same layer, with the same setting, are dashed as desired.

Hoping to figure this one out today, thanks.

Hello - Hm, I think you’re out of luck - at least I do not see a way to do this in plain Rhino. There is no linetype setting for surfaces and solids;Technical has a hard coded hidden line but it is only used for lines that are calculated as hidden…


There is in object properties for surfaces and solids. WIth the full range of linetype options. That’s not intended to control the objects linetype?

There used to be a way to achieve this in Display Modes in Rhino 5 ( not exposed to UI, but could be hand-or script-edited in ini file ). Unfortunately in V6 it is gone for now since the display pipeline rewrite.

If you are in V5, it can be done.

Thankyou Jarek. I thought I’d done this before, but I guess not, because I’ve never edited script for the purpose. I think it’s a very handy tool to have, though.

This is pretty lame, but here’s a box in Technical display, with an extra surface in front of it so all the lines are “hidden”.



Are you in V5 or V6 ?

That’s V6

thanks John, I was trying to figure out which version is @djhg using now…

He’s in V6

I hope it’s not that lame; I’ve been circling around it msyelf as a workaround too.

Yes, V6. For awhile I was on release candidates but now that I am using Rhino in my work I’m just getting the official releases. I’m using: 6.8.18219.371, 2018-08-07

I have found a workaround.

say you have two breps - you want to show one with dashed lines - just duplicate the edges of this brep, make them dashed lines, and then mesh the brep, show it without edges and a transparent material…