Topology to DWG

i have a detailed PDf showing landscape ground levels…see below.
To convert to a useful landscape model would take a long time looking at all the different measurements …

is there a way to convert to a 3d model from the dimensions on the 2d drawing?

Hello - is the drawing to scale? If so, finding one clear linear dimension and scaling the whole set of curves from one end of that dim to the other as base and reference points should get it all at the right size… is that what you mean?


Looks like the 'X’s with numbers after them like 128.79 are height points in meters. If you scale the drawing to the correct size in meters and put points that correspond in XY to the points on the drawing but in Z according to the height label, you can then use them to create a basic land surface - either with Patch or with Mesh Patch. It looks like you don’t have a lot of height variation, so Patch might work OK in this case.

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Here is the dwg file 8142.dwg (652.0 KB)

Is there a free website where I can enter a grid ref or postcode and then create a black white height map and then import into rhino to create rough landscape?