Create topography from text and points with grasshopper

Hi All,

I have a file which contains a handfull of points and their respectful text height. I have thousands of these. The following example is a small sample:

At the moment i can only click on individual points and move them to their Z coordinates according to the text. And once i do this for every point, patch to create a terrain.

Is there a way to automate this tediouse workflow with grasshopper?

Here is an example file:

point and text.3dm (60.7 KB)

Do you have a the text file with the coordinates? or just the .3dm file you provided?

Unfortunately, I was only provided with the .3dm file.

How accurate do you need to be? The issue will be grouping the point to the nearby texts, some will have errors due to proximity.

Requires legacy Elefront Plugin (found on food4Rhino) (14.0 KB)

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You can create the mesh with the Delaunay component.

Great, thanks! I need to be pretty accurate but i can use this will help anyways:)

I tried using this at a different section in my model and I am having some slight issues where the amount the point is moved in the Z direcction does not always match with its closest text value. Not sure what i am doing wrong…

point-text-height.3dm (210.0 KB) (16.5 KB)

this should work, you can always visually doublecheck the value each point is being moved +Z so if something looks wrong you’ll notice at a glance (19.3 KB)

[I didn’t have the very same versione of Elefront installed, so you might see a white component… just connect the Attributes output of one of the two components to the A input of the bake :+1: ]

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Great! Thanks a lot:)