Make discrete polyline less bumpy z axis (plugin pufferfish)

How to make the discrete polyline less bumpy in the z axis (plugin pufferfish)?

Discrete polyline less bumpy z axis (70.8 KB)

You should not have the division points in the Plane input of vector star. That is for a plane to determine the axis of the vectors. Also use less resolution for the vector star to allow less possible vectors to be used. Lastly there is no need to join the discrete polyline output. It will make one polyline from your points.

Discrete polyline less bumpy z axis (70.9 KB)

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How can I sweep/thicken these curves that straight as like in the image below?
Sweep1 does not work properly.
It is not just the pipe component.
The edges of the these thicken curves are not sharp.


When using different sections it does not work, but other methods actually do work. However, to make different sections, how to do that? With morph box placing over the curve (see image at the bottom)?

Thicken pufferfish curves (13.8 KB)

I use the Mesh Pipe component from Mesh Tools:

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I can ask this in a different topic, however, do you know how they did that as in the example image (here is the image again)?

Who knows without the source of the image. I made the colorful one and I used mesh pipe. This red one could also be a mesh loft, or a regular loft set to straight sections, or making faces between profile rectangles vertices.

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This was a Picture in a thread here the last few days, maybe a week. May just go back and search for it. Where do you got it from? There should be the answer :wink:

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wow, this is when „spagetti coding“ gets a whole new meaning … :dizzy_face: I would choose pipe command as well, because „linguine coding“ does not really fit here :wink:

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Thank you for your response :smiley:
I got it from. But, now, I found out about the pufferfish twistedbox component whichs seems perfectly suiteable.

Thank you Tom for your tip :slight_smile:
It seems that
:tada: pufferfish twisted box
does it somehow like
:tada: :tada: