Flatten a closed polycurve

Is there a way to flatten a polycurve with multiple 3D curves similar to squash or squish for surfaces?

Right now I start with a Closed polycurve captured from 3D template, explode it, use loft or NetworkSrf, then UnrollUV, then finally DupBorder to get flattened ploylines from surface. I know I can get borders from Squish/Squash/Unroll too. Just looking to remove the extra explode/unroll steps if possible.

I just need the “outline” to create plot and cut lines.

This is for marine fabric plotting/cutting/etc


set point is your tool for that.

select the poly curve tyor “setpt” hit enter and be sure that just z axis is checked. then type “0” and hit enter.


Thanks, but I dont think that is what I need. That will flatten all Z points. I have curves along the x/y and z directions and I think I’ll lose information.

I use SetPt to flatten manual 2D patterns that have minor Z variations though.

It is impossible to flatten naked 3D curve because the result depends on how you flatten it.

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