Make 2D camera moves for perspective views

Is there a way that you could have the option to constrain the perspective camera angle even if objects are removed?

I’ve attached a super simple example for Make2D. It’s more relevant in much more detailed models with a large number of layers and objects etc.

Notice that the perspective viewing angle is different.

Sometimes when I come back to a model and I’ve had to make changes to something such as the length of a counter etc, the Make2D output perspective view will change. This means it’s a lot of hard work to maintain drawings and/or exports as the perspective detail has to be redrawn and processed each time, where as the front view and side view/ plan etc remain the same.

Maybe it can be stored in the same manner as named views so there is a historical frame of reference where by if an object is removed or an object is added, the perspective product of Make2D is the same size and aspect?

I guess without going into the detail of work outside of Rhino the best argument I can put forward is within layouts. If you detail something in plan, elevation and perspective all of the dims and leaders for the perspective output will be wrong when updated but plan and elevation can be updated very quickly.

For me (maybe not others) the Make2D command is a way to create quick 2D drawings and the perspective output is as important as the plan and elevation. The fact that the perspective view isn’t (or can’t be set as) static feels like a failing. It’s hopefully something that can be amended easily?

Make2D Perspective View.3dm (168.0 KB)



Not sure if this is useful in your case, but did you try to create a NamedView? You can then make changes, etc., then reload the desired named view into perspective.

Hi Rajaa,

Yeah, I tried that but no joy. There should be a named view within the file I uploaded, I think?

I guess it’s due to the fact that the perspective view is scaled based on what’s been selected, where the other elevations are 1:1?

It’d be a real benefit if an output scale could be chosen and linked to a static camera view that doesn’t move when items are moved or removed etc.


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@GregArden maybe have some thoughts?

@2DCube I agree this is annoying… In V6, setting “Show viewport rectangle” seems to keep the same output scale even if the pieces shown are changed but the view hasn’t. In V5, the scale still changed if the objects in the scene changed, so one had to re-scale using the rectangles as reference points - but that was easier than not having them.


What I’m seeing is that that doesn’t make a difference in RH6. That is, the output scale of the perspective view is not dependent on the viewport rectangle being created or not.

Before launching the WIP to check this out I thought that just checking the viewport rectangle would fix the issue for Andy but now I see that you cannot check that option if you want 4-view output. In 4-view output, the scale of the perspective view is dependent on which objects are present in the scene. @2DCube, in your initial post you wrote “[…] that the perspective viewing angle is different.” but that is not the case - it’s only the scale that changes.

Apart from the scaling, the output doesn’t land in exactly the same spot when the scene is different. This both for a single perspective view (both with and without viewport rectangle) but also for 4-view output.

I don’t know about your workflow here, Andy, but I suppose that you move the output to some other place no matter what and so that last issue is not a problem for you? As for the scale of the perspective view - the current workaround seems to be to either scale the perspective view output or to create a single view output for the perspective.

GUI papercut, @rajaa ; when you first generate a single (perspective) view with Viewport rectangle checked and then generate a 4-view Make2D, this option becomes 'frozen' but is still checked - leaving the impression that perhaps the rectangle will be drawn anyway. Which it doesn't.

Also, Rhino crashed on me when I called Make2D on this one - report and file sent in. I’m still frequently crashing Rhino and I don’t think this is necessarily related to Make2D…

Hi wim,

That’s really odd. I noticed I posted something about this back in October with V5 but I think the items were too far from the origin perhaps?


It works fine in WIP, the scaling is a bit of a pain but it’s not the end of the world. I noted @Helvetosaur remarked in an earlier post that we should air our concerns now, before they get written into the final software, hence why I posted.

I’m a little bamboozled though, I can’t seem to recreate the same problem in V5 using the old model (albeit an updated model).

It works ok.


I was working on this for a couple of weeks and had the same issue crop up.

It works now though, which is the main thing. Apologies everyone for not rechecking before posting.


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This is key. Perspective scaling is based on the view (viewport) and if you are zoomed in or out. In the next WIP (after 2/14/17), the View option for Make2D maintains the position of objects (even if View Rectangle is not checked). This should help. But the scale issue persists and I am trying to explore possible ways to solve this issue. Do you have ideas of how we can solve it?

I see that. It is checked because the option is sticky (or persistent). It is however ignored because it is not relevant for 4 views. If we unchecked it in the UI, then change from"First angle projection" to “View”, do you expect the “Viewport Rectangle” to be checked again, or the user has to check it at that point?

I suppose that I expect it to be checked again, yes.

RH-37895 is fixed in the latest WIP