Make 2D hidden lines

I tested the make 2D feature in the beta build. When i select the object form perspective view. It makes a 2D drawing without the hidden lines. Allso it adds some strange drawings apart from the 4 drawings that it should.
When i do it from a top viewport it does make the correct hiddenlines but they show in black and you have to change the object properties from show display colour to layer colour.
Allso the viewport gets rather slow when the 2D drawings are made.

Regards, René

If you want anyone to be able to do anything with this, you’ll have to provide the model and your system information.

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keukenkast 09-11-2017 small.3dm (17.3 MB)
i can upload the file with the object. I had to delete the 2D drawings otherwise the file was to big to upload.
I work on win 10 64 bits and use a quadro K2200 videocard.

Can you run the SystemInfo command in rhino and paste that information here? It will tell us more about your display drivers.

system info 11-11-2017.txt (1.8 KB)
Here it is. I just updated my graphic card driver but that made no difference. V6 is stille very slow. I saved the file as a V5 and now it responds much faster.

Hi Rene - Just to make sure - you Make2d of the furniture objects correct? And at your end you do not get hidden lines and you do get some other junk that you don’t want, correct?

I’ll attach my output - is that what you’re after?
keukenkast 09-11-2017 small_PG.3dm (1.7 MB)


Hi Pascal

offcourse i am not sure if i use the make 2d Correct. I only changed it to 3rd angle projection. It owrked okay when i do it from the topview but it showed the strange results when i do it from perspective view. I cannot repeat this in this file that i made smaller.
Allso the original file is really slow. When i use dimensions in continue mode it freezes for a few seconds after every click. The original file was 76 Mb. Not very small but not huge either.
Your uotput is what ia am after indeed.

Hi Rene - if you can, please upload the large file to to my (pascal) attention - if possible save a view that does not work right on your end - I’ll have a try at it here.
Ah, OK, I see you have already sent me something, I’ll take a look.

@rene1 -one thing I see is the casters on the cart are apparently made from MeshToNurb of mesh objects, and then made into blocks - the result of Make2D on one of these is thousands of curves - I would use the meshes in the blocks, I think making NURBS from them gets you nothing(?) and vastly complicates the file.

Make2D does behave correctly here as far as I can see so far.


Hi Pascal

i allso thought that the wheels might be a problem. Without the wheels v6 is working fine. With the wheels i have a delay between the command and the execution. I allso have this sometimes in V5 with making a solid by extruding a planar curve.
What could cause this? I have quadro K2200 card and holomark produces a nice result. Drivers up to date.

Regards, René