Make 2D from block

Using Rhino 5.
Sometimes when i use Make2D on a block the produced elevations are spread apart a long way,If i explodeblock the block beforehand then it works as normal.I have checked the origin and it is on the block.
I have JPG’s but cannot upload to the forum.

FWIW, development on Rhino 5 has stopped - you will need to test your file on the WIP of Rhino 6 and report back if you see the same problem there…

ok,will do,When is Rhino 6 coming out of Beta?

Standard reply to that question is: “When it’s ready”.

Also, technically, Rhino 6 hasn’t entered the Beta period yet. Historically, there have been WIP periods that have gone over into Beta periods before launch. If that is still the case, remains to be seen…

Haha i thought you might say that.