Make 2D drawing

when I make 2D drawing in Rhino, I found some lines were missing.
In plan view, cup opening inner tangent edge and cup bottom hidden line disappeared.
The rest of viewport outputs seem to me in normal.

Do not know why?

Most likely because of a bug in Make2D in Rhino 5. The command is reworked for Rhino 6. If you post the file, somebody should be able to check if the result is better in the WIP version.

Hi Vim,

Thanks for your reply.
Upload Rhino 3dm file for discussion.
coffee cup 1.3dm (1.7 MB)

And I wonder what do you mean WIP “version”

There are curves missing in the WIP as well…
The main problem here, I guess, is that the main body of the cup is one single surface - as opposed to an outside surface and an inside surface connected with a blend surface.

If you log into Discourse with the same eMail address as the one that you used to register Rhino 5, you will get access to the Work-In-Progress version of Rhino 6.